About Celerity Consulting

Celerity Consulting was originally founded in 2005 as Celerity Technical Services, Inc., a defense contractor with the mission of leading the first widespread government agile project. In the years following this initial project, Celerity began branching out into other highly-regulated industries such as health care, education, and construction. During this time, we evolved into a full-blown agile training and coaching organization, including leadership consulting, strategic Agile visioning, and team training and coaching.

At Celerity Consulting, our deepest passion is inspiring others to think differently about how they attack tough problems. Whether a software application, school project, or major upgrade at a hospital, we believe Agile innovation creates the competitive edge that regulated projects and organizations need to thrive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

In true Agile style, Celerity Consulting seeks out teamwork whenever possible. In addition to being a founding member of The Agile Cooperative, our reach is facilitated through partnerships with groundbreaking organizations such as BrainTrust, Version One/CollabNet, and Accenture, among others. But our relationships don’t stop there. We enjoy nurturing ongoing relationships with our clients as well. Some of our favorites (that we’re allowed to mention here) include iHeart Media, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Federal Government, GE Aviation, Indiana University, and Photoshelter.

Celerity Consulting is a small independent woman-owned business.

About Judy Neher

Judy is the founder and president of Celerity Consulting. Judy is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and Agile coach, passionately transforming development teams from traditional development practices to Agile practices since 2001. Judy has spent a majority of her career with the Federal Government (hence her keen interest in Agile security!) as a mathematician, computer scientist, and traditional software manager, ultimately embracing Agile practices as an Agile coach, trainer, and leader. The last decade has afforded Judy the amazing opportunity to work with some of the most interesting commercial organizations in the US, inspiring agility across development teams, leadership, and the organization as a whole.

When Judy isn’t sharing her Scrum passion with teams, she is enjoying the company of her large family, including her husband Chris, and their 6 children. As a family, they enjoy boating, running, traveling, and big family dinners.





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