Onsite Services

Celerity Consulting offers a wide variety of onsite training and coaching to help your organization on its journey to Agility. Whether you’re in the beginning stages or a seasoned Scrum user, we have a wide variety of courses. We can  help build your knowledge and skills, troubleshoot the tricky bits, and provide tips for healthy and sustainable teams. From certified Scrum training to executive consultation and coaching, we’re here to help with every aspect of your Agile implementation.

Need to train just a few new team members? Check out our upcoming CSM and CSPO classes — perfect for individuals and small group enrollments!

Foundational Classes

If you’re at the beginning of your Agile journey, we suggest you start with one of the following courses:


Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Duration:  2 days

Prerequisites:  None

Audience:  Anyone on a Scrum team or interacting closely with a Scrum team

Outcome:  Certified ScrumMaster designation upon passing the Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster exam

Our most popular training option! Learn the basics of Scrum with a focus on the ScrumMaster role. Learn the team roles, events, artifacts, and rules of the Scrum framework. In addition to these fundamental mechanics, you’ll acquire valuable skills for Agile facilitation and coaching. Download the complete CSM Learning Objectives.

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

Duration:  2 days

Suggested Reading:  The Scrum Guide

Audience:  Product Managers, Product Specialists, Requirements Analysts, or anyone who drives or influences product development in the organization

Outcome:  Certified Scrum Product Owner designation (no exam required)

Whether you’re a Product Owner or support a Product Owner, our CSPO class will provide the knowledge and skills critical to driving product success. Learn the role and responsibilities of the Product Owner, the ins and outs of Product Backlog management, and how to write and manage good Agile requirements. Acquire long-term Agile planning techniques such as Visioning and Roadmapping. Download the complete CSPO Learning Objectives.

Scrum Team Launch

Duration:  2 days

Prerequisites:  Certified ScrumMaster workshop or Scrum Basics workshop

Audience:  Newly formed Scrum teams, established teams newly moving to Scrum, and those who will be working closely with these teams such as their ScrumMaster(s) and Product Owner(s)

Outcome:  A mutually-agreed upon and documented strategy to move confidently forward with Scrum and begin “Sprinting” immediately

Want to implement Scrum but don’t know where to start? Confused by the various meetings, events, and artifacts of Scrum? Still trying to figure out the right Sprint rhythm for your team? This hands-on workshop is designed to kickstart your new Scrum team. Your team will review the mechanics of the Scrum framework, establish their own Scrum cadences and goals, and identify the logistical challenges that stand in their way. Your team will also dive into the Scrum values, providing a deep understanding of the foundational principles behind Scrum and Agile so they can make their own well-informed Scrum-friendly decisions. This workshop includes one day of training followed by one day of application.

Kanban Team Launch

Duration:  2 days

Prerequisites:  None

Audience:  Newly formed Kanban teams, established teams newly moving to Kanban, and those who will be working closely with these teams

Outcome:  A mutually-agreed upon and documented strategy to move confidently forward with Kanban

Are you exploring the popular Kanban method for your development work? Have you been going through the motions, but know there’s more to Kanban than just moving cards across a task board? In this participatory workshop, your team will establish working agreements, define and build their Kanban board, and establish their own Kanban structure and workflow. These activities, along with gentle mentorship throughout the workshop, will provide your Kanban team with the understanding and self-assurance necessary to embark on a successful Kanban implementation. This workshop includes one day of training followed by one day of application.

Established Teams

If you’re already familiar with and using Scrum or Agile, but need assistance, we suggest the following:


Agile and Scrum Refresh

Duration:  1 day

Prerequisites:  At least 50% of the Scrum team has previously received training and has been doing, or attempting to do, Scrum

Audience:  Established Scrum teams with questions or confusion about the Scrum roles, artifacts, events, or framework in general; Scrum teams who have gained team members new to Scrum; Scrum teams who feel they’re not performing as well as they could but can’t quite identify why

Outcome:  Replenished skills and understanding of Scrum and Agile

Everyone needs a refresher! Studies show that human beings only retain a fraction of what we learn. It’s not uncommon for team members to walk away from their initial training ready to tackle Scrum head-on. The small portion of knowledge and skills that are implemented right away easily stick, but the rest (typically well over 70% of material learned), slowly degrades until all we retain is a fuzzy memory that “We covered that, didn’t we?” This workshop acts as a gentle reminder of the mechanics and tenets of Agile and Scrum, providing a forum to identify and fill knowledge gaps, and recalibrating your team’s framework.

User Stories and Agile Estimation

Duration:  1 day

Prerequisites:  None

Audience:  Product Owners, Stakeholders, and other members on or interacting with the Scrum team who who are tasked with writing User Stories

Outcome:  Enhanced communication skills and a comprehensive understanding of effective User Stories

Communication is key! In Scrum, the primary method of communicating requirements and expectations is through User Stories. Utilizing your real world User Stories, this interactive workshop will review the key elements of a User Story and their importance, illustrate the difference between Definition of Done and Acceptance Criteria, and how utilizing them can clarify and amplify your communication to the Scrum team. Learn how to convey a user experience in straightforward and comprehensible terms that your Scrum team can execute effectively, and become more transparent with your management and stakeholders through enhanced estimation skills.

Agile Security

Duration:  1 day

Prerequisites:  None

Audience:  Scrum team members, including Product Owners, working on projects with significant security and/or other regulatory requirements

Outcome:  Enhanced skills and techniques to infuse security measures into your Agile work environment

Customized Coaching

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We provide custom workshops, coaching, and mentoring as well. Drop us a line and let us know what you’re looking for.





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